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Short and Long Term Disability

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Short and Long Term Disability

Why choose Short and Long Term Disability?

Disability insurance provides you with an income if you have an accident or illness that prevents you from working. As an employer you can offer these benefits on a voluntary basis or you can pay all or a portion of the premium. It’s your choice.

At U-Connect, we will offer you plans from the top-of-the-line carriers to choose from.

Advantages to offering these plan benefits:

Peace of Mind

Disability from an accident or illness can happen to any of us at any time in our lives. If you are under age 35, you have one in three chances of becoming disabled for six months or more at some time during your career

Financial Protection

Disability insurance offers a regular pay check to help pay the monthly bills while you are disabled.

Short and Long Term Coverage

Short Term disability benefits start within days of the illness or injury, but are payable for a limited period of time.
Long Term disability benefits start within months of an illness or injury, but may continue until retirement.

This is one benefit that will protect your company and your employees from feeling the stress of having an employee out of work without pay. This added benefit will provide the protection your employees need.