Long-Term Care Insurance

What is Long-Term Care?

Care for people who cannot independently take care of themselves:

  • Due to chronic medical conditions or illnesses
  • Becomes necessary when a person is unable to perform basic activities of daily living

Long Term Care Insurance as asbenefit not only gives you and your employees peace of mind, but also relieves the burden your family feels if they would need to care for you in the future.

This important benefit becomes an even greater concern as our baby boomers continue to age. In fact, it has become such a large concern that in 2014 the government is going to require employers to offer a small Long-Term Care policy to all their employees.

U-Connect offers the follow carriers:

  • UNUM
  • John Hancock
  • Genworth

Believe it or not 40 percent of the people receiving long-term care are working age people between the ages of 18 and 64. Also most people think of long-term care meaning people who live in a nursing home while the truth of the matter is close to 80% of the elderly and 41% of the severely disabled live at home. One of the most astonishing facts is less than 15% actually are in nursing homes.

It’s time to look closely at adding this benefit to your portfolio of company offerings before the cost is too great. The younger a person is when they purchase these plans the more affordable they are. Employees can lock in lower rates at an earlier age.