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Dental Insurance

Expand Your Healthcare Offerings with Dental

Dental insurance is a benefit that most employees will ask for after they secure health insurance. It is an added benefit that an employer group can offer on a voluntary or company paid for basis.

Health insurance carriers as well as carriers that specialize just in dental insurance have broadened their offerings greatly. The reason for this is because of health care reform and carriers are seeing an opportunity to build their book of business on this called-for benefit.

The array of product offerings brings you through a vast selection of schedules and options that will need to be reviewed based upon each company’s offerings. It is also important to note which companies will provide coverage for major and restorative care in the first year if your company did not provide coverage in prior years and which will not.

Even though the playing field looks complicated U-Connect will help to make the decision easy and ensure the right coverage is in place for you.

Major Dental Carriers Offered by U-Connect:

  • Guardian
  • MetLife
  • Delta